Drone Surveys

Two drone pilots surveying a roof with a drone

Drone Building Surveys

Building surveys are often critical to the maintenance of a building and can help identify problems before they become larger, more expensive issues.

Property inspections used to be challenging and time consuming to carry out. We used to have to climb on top of buildings, which can be dangerous, challenging, and laborious. It also often required a number of supplies, like large ladders or other tools to access the roof itself.

Luckily, we now have state of the art tools which can make the job significantly easier! Drones gives us an incredibly accessible way to reach and view roofs and the entirety of buildings, without having to access great heights ourselves. This saves time and avoids potentially hazardous situations for all involved.

What Are Drones?

Drones are essentially very small, remote controlled flying machines (a bit like a helicopter as they can go straight up vertically). Most drones have some variety of modern, high-quality cameras as part of their build, and we can then fly above and around your building and get live images directly from the drone (and you can also take photos) of exactly what is going on. Drones are an incredibly speedy, yet meticulous way of supporting the upkeep of your home or business premises.

Whether you’re a homeowner, surveyor, tenant, or business owner, we can supply you with a drone survey that will suit your purposes.

A drone landed on a field
A drone pilot using their controller to pilot a drone

CAA Approval

Though drones may appear to be comparatively small and they are flown remotely, they are still considered to be a type of aircraft.

Anyone who controls a small, unmanned aircrafts for commercial purposes (or anyone flying close to people or objects) must be approved by the CAA  (The Civil Aviation Authority) to do so. You can rest assured that we have the appropriate approvals to carry out our surveys of your property and will do so with the utmost care and attention, following the appropriate rules and regulations.

The Benefits of a Drone Survey

Having a drone survey may seem like a foreign concept if you’ve always used humans to do the hard work but actually using a drone for a building survey comes with many benefits:

  • Having a drone survey is generally more affordable than a person climbing on to a property because there is no need for excess tools. The drone is simply controlled by remote, whilst the operator stays in one place.
  • A drone can survey the whole of a building and it’s certainly the easiest way to do an aerial survey of a property.
  • Drones are an easier and safer way to do a survey on an inaccessible or challenging site.
  • Most drones can be controlled with pinpoint precision and can hover in place, so are ideal for checking for small or specific issues.
  • Using a drone has been shown to be a quicker way to do a survey.
A drone pilot using a drone to inspect a building

After Your Survey

We will provide our clients with a full report of the drone survey, along with images/video of what the drone captured.
We will also provide suggestions on what needs doing and how we can help.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss using CS Roofing for your drone building survey, contact us now by phone on 01323 460518 by email on enquiry@csroofingcontractors.co.uk and one of our friendly team will be able to give you more information and book in your survey.


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