Solar Panels

Solar panels, which are also known as PV panels or photovoltaic systems, are a great way of using renewable energy from the sun, to create electricity for your home.

A graphic showing how sun is turned into energy via solar panels

How Solar Panels Work

Solar panels use energy from the sun and transform it into electricity by using photovoltaic cells. The sun’s energy is absorbed by the cells, and this creates electrical charges.

One of the benefits of these panels and one of the reasons they are so useful is that they can even create electricity on cloudy days. This is because they don’t need the sun to be directly on them to work, which means you will create energy regardless of weather or season.

Solar energy is an ideal option if you are looking for an alternative to the cost of energy from the National Grid and a way to reduce your impact on the planet. An average property can save up to 1.6 tonnes of carbon, and over £250 on their electricity bills each year.

The Importance of Alternative Energy

As sustainability becomes a more critical issue, it is vital for all of us to take more responsibility in our contribution to reducing our carbon footprint and the impact that we have on the planet.

Electricity bills are also on the increase, and we are all looking for ways to save money and make cuts where we can. Installing solar panels gives you a way of harvesting your own power and even making money from the excess you don’t use.

A family looking at a large solar panel
Marley Solar Panels on a roof

Marley Solar Panels

The Marley solar panels can easily be fitted both as part of a new build and as a retrofit. For a new fit, the solar panels and flashings can be installed to the roof and then the roof covering can be installed around them. All that’s needed for a retrofit is for an area of tiles to be removed and then the solar panels can be put in.

The Benefits of Marley Solar Panels:

  • They come with a 15-year guarantee, so are a long-lasting investment
  • They have a low profile
  • They are lightweight
  • They are easy to install
  • They are wind and weather resistant
  • They can be fitted quickly
  • They are easy to connect together, which creates a weather secure covering
Solar Panels in Eastbourne

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