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Tiles are made from either clay or concrete and are manufactured in two separate ways. They will either be large interlocking tiles made from concrete that come in many different profiles, normally used on new site work or small plain tiles.

The small plain tiles are approximately 10x6 in size and with the exception of peg tiles have nibs on the rear which hang on the battens. They can be handmade for a more characteristic look or machine made for the more contemporary. Whether it’s a renewal of roof, an extension or just a few tile repairs, there will be a tile to suit your property.

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Like tiles, slates can come in different varieties. Natural slates are sourced from quarries in countries like Brazil, Wales, China and Spain. They vary in size but are normally grey in colour.

An alternative to natural slates is composite slates. These machine made slates are made up from cement fibre and although they can have the appearance of natural slate they are basically a cheaper replacement. One benefit of a slate roof is that you can use them on roof pitches as low as 25°.


Shingles and shakes are small wooden tiles normally made from Cedar. They serve the same purpose as slates and tiles but have a completely different effect.

They are obviously lighter and are usually chosen as a weathering membrane for garden buildings. However, we have carried out this method on larger properties like houses and even commercial buildings.

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