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Rubberbond is a single ply membrane made by the largest single ply flat roofing manufacturer in the world, Central-Syntec of America. Rubberbond is fleece backed and is applied to the roof using a water based glue. It has a proven life expectancy of 50 years; it will not tear, split or crack and is completely cold applied meaning no heat or flame is necessary in its application.

Although the material costs are more expensive than felt, the quick installation methods mean the price is competitive with that of felt. Rubberbond can only be purchased and installed by manufacturer trained contractors.

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Based in Preston, Lancashire, Sika Liquid Plastics are manufacturers of a cold applied coating membrane for roofs and walls. The product is applied like paint using brushes and rollers. A base coat, which has a fibreglass matting embedded in it, is covered with a UV resistant top coat once dry to create a completely seamless waterproof system.

The product may be used on a wide variety of roofs, from small sized box gutter on a residential property through to much larger commercial buildings.


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